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Annual Tree & Shrub Sale

2019 Plant List (pdf)

The 2019 Tree and Shrub Sale begins this month.
The new list for 2019 will come out in the Sept/Oct issue of the GROUNDWORK.

The tree and shrub list is available in the Sept/Oct issue of the GROUNDWORK. Trees and shrubs are specifically chosen for the arid climate of Wasco County and surrounding areas in the Columbia Gorge. Native and naturalized, most are particularly suited for riparian plantings. Shrubs are mostly fruit bearing for wildlife plantings. Plants are bareroot, however, Ponderosa Pine and Douglas fir can be plugs (though we won't don't often know until we complete our nursery order) and Willows and Cottonwoods are cuttings.

Payment is required at the time of order. The deadline to reserve your order is typically around the end of January following publication of the order list. We place our nursery orders based upon customer orders.

This year, there will be no pre-orders after the January 24, 2019 deadline. We plan on holding a two day sale around mid-March, after the pre-orders have been completed. We will have more information later as we work out the details.

The links below are for plants typically found on our plant lists. However, we do try to change some species from year to year. Click on the plant names to access pdfs directly on the USDA Plants Database. All but Noble Fir, which is a linked pdf document on this server. All links open in new windows.
Wasco County Soil and Water Conservation District
Wasco County Soil and Water Conservation District
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Annual Tree & Shrub Sale

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Bigleaf Maple

Colorado Blue Spruce


Red Osier Dogwood

Douglas Fir

Wild Mock Orange

Pacific Ninebark

Cottonwood - cutting

Austrian Pine

American Plum

Golden Currant

Woods Rose

Pacific Willow-cutting

Coyote Willow-cutting



Noble Fir

Ponderosa Pine

Rugosa Rose

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Wildflower Talk (pdf)

Wildflower Talk

Kristin Currin, Humble Roots Native Plant Nursery, submits an article in every issue of GROUNDWORK detailing some of the wonderful plants growing in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge. Unfortunately, the photos in the newsletter are grey scale so the color is lost. I've compiled these articles into a color pdf. It is a living document with additions being added with each new edition of the GROUNDWORK.