Riverfront Park is a 51 acre park owned by Northern Wasco County Parks and Recreation District. It is the largest park in The Dalles and features around 5,600 feet of Columbia River shoreline. Of the 51 acres approximately 40 acres were a vegetative wasteland of invasive plant species. The sheer mass of vegetation made it virtually unusable for humans or wildlife. It was estimated that only 40 feet of shoreline was actually accessible by land. The park is closed during critical nesting periods for wildlife protection, however, the overgrown vegetation made it low value for ground nesting birds.

The Wasco County SWCD is spearheaded a project to restore the site back to a native plant community that can be used by a wider variety of wildlife as well as for human recreational opportunities. The goal was to remove invasive vegetation, improve wildlife habitat, and provide public recreational and educational access.

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Riverfront Walk (pdf) (1.24 Mb)
Riverfront Restoration Overview (pdf - 702 Kb)
About the Riverfront Trail Project
The Riverfront Trail is a 10 mile walking trail along the banks of the Columbia River connecting the Discovery Center at the west end of The Dalles to The Dalles Dam Visitors Center at Seufert Park at the east end.

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Riverfront Cleanup
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Riverfront Seeding
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Riverfront Tree Planting
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It looks like we have a pair of Ospreys that have taken up residence at Riverfront. Wasco Electric donated their services to erect the Osprey nests. It is good to see that they are being put to good use!!
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