Wasco County farmers are very conservation minded. They understand the conservation they practice today ensures that their farm will continue to be viable and productive for future generations. To recognize their achievements, the conservation district selects farmers who they feel epitomizes the conservation message. Not only from the practices implemented on their land but their personal philosophies as well.

In times past the conservation farm sign program was supported through our national association with funding from Goodyear. When that program came to an end so did access to the signs. Many farmers awarded the signs still have them today. Wasco Co. SWCD decided to bring back the signs so that others would know that a farm that displays this sign practices conservation.

Permission was granted to use the redesigned and copyrighted “Take Pride in America” logo that is the centerpiece for the sign.

The sign features cropland, grazing lands, orchard, forest, and water. The mountain is Mt Hood that can be seen from almost every point in the county.
Conservation Farm Awardees
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New Conservation Farm Sign
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Conservation Farm Award

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Conservation Farm Award
Country Natural Beef
Emerson Dell Farm
2006 - McElheran Ranch - John and Diane McElheran
2007 - Ernst Family Partnership - Charlie Ernst
Omeg Orchards - Mike Omeg
Omeg Orchards
2008 - Ken Thomas Farm
C&F Orchards - John Carter
2009 - Orchard View Farms
Remington Wheat and Cattle - Rich and Brook Remington
2010 - Kaser Diamond K - Phil Kaser
Cooper Family Orchards
2011 - Mike Kelly Farm
Dahle Orchards (The Farmer in The Dalles)
2012 - Emerson Dell Farm - David and Margaret Brewer Family
Morgan & Son/Morgan Bees - Bob, Deb, and Marcus Morgan
2013 - Forman Ranch - Lowell and Mary Forman Family
Dahle Orchards
Morgan & Son Honey Co.
Orchard View Farms
2014 - Jim and Phyllis Olson
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The staff is dedicated to helping the agricultural community achieve their conservation goals through resource planning, technical assistance, and access to timely and relevant information.
Original Conservation Farm Sign
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2015 - Noah Williams
Byers Orchard
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