Deeded to Wasco County SWCD in 1985 by Harry A. Miller, the 3.5 acre H. A. Miller Demonstration Nursery has a number of practice demonstrations in place. It is located at the Boyd turnoff between Dufur and The Dalles alongside Highway 197.

Our vision for the nursery is: a small corner in the heart of Wasco County's farmland where active projects are always underway to demonstrate plant materials or to test new methods or technologies, and where the public can rest or enjoy a self-guided tour.

Current demonstrations include a three-row windbreak, level terrace, sediment basin, grass plots, well with timer-controlled drip irrigation system, hybrid cottonwood plot, low to no maintenance wildlife plot, a small restoration plant materials plot with Purple Osier willow and Red Osier Dogwood.

A number of challenges are faced each year at the nursery. Controlling knapweed and rodents always seem to be uphill struggles. Windbreak tree roots are favorite snacks for gophers while mice enjoy fine dining on the hybrid cottonwood bark and cambium layers. This 'girdling' by mice has killed several of the young cottonwoods. A raptor perch was installed so avian rodent predators can have a clear view of their snack.
The photos depict some of the demonstrations and aerial view of where the demonstrations are located.
wcswcd012012.jpg wcswcd012011.jpg
Aerial view of the nursery layout
Wildlife plot
Bunch grass on terrace with poplar windbreak in back.
click on photos for larger view
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H.A. Miller Nursery

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