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A watershed is the area of land that drains into a particular body of water such as a stream, river, lake, or bay.
The watershed includes not only the waterway itself, but also the entire land area that drains to it.
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This is an archival resource of ongoing and completed projects. Updates to ongoing projects provided by partnering agencies to the council can be found under project appropriate sections.
Wasco Co. SWCD and the Mosier Watershed Council teamed up with the US Geological Survey to study Mosier's declining groundwater issue. After reviewing existing data (including a 1988 Oregon Water Resources Dept report), collecting new data and building computer models; the USGS published their findings in 2012. The big conclusion regarding the cause of Mosier's groundwater declines? Commingling wells. The final USGS report can be found at the quick link below.
Mosier Groundwater Project
About the Mosier Groundwater Project

Mosier GW Proj Summry
 (tri-fold brochure)

USGS Council Summary
Minutes - 11/18/2009

Cullen Brandon Jones Thesis - Rowena and Mosier Creeks

USGS Final Report, Mosier Aquifers (weblink)

Mosier Aquifer Recovery Feasibility Study
This study looked at possible ways to recharge the Mosier aquifers. Funded by the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board, the Conservation District contracted with GSI Water Solutions to examine recharge options.

SWCD Completion Report

GSI Final Report

Mosier Well Evaluation Project
There was a outreach and informational meeting for Mosier residents on October 15, 2013 to discuss the well evaluation project. The evaluations are to determine the extent of co-mingling wells in the Mosier watershed. The links at left are informational documents pertinent to the meeting as well as documents handed out at the meeting.

The project wrapped up summer 2014 and the final report can be found below. The report is a large file and has been broken down into sections for faster downloading.

Mosier Well Evaulation Final Report August 2014

If you have problems downloading any of these files, please contact Abbie and she will send them by email if possible.

Tables (pdf 221 kb)

Figures (pdf 7.37 mb)

Appendix A - Well Assessment Summary Forms (pdf 8.30 mb)

Appendix B - Report Presentation Jul 2014 (pdf 10 mb)

Report Text (pdf 2 mb)

Rock Creek Restoration Project
The Rock Creek area was initially identified as a priority restoration reach in the Mosier Watershed Assessment Report. With funding from the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board, the Conservation District contracted with Interfluve, Inc. to design the restoration. Partners in the project included and the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), DEQ, Oregon Dept of Fish and Wildlife, USFS, and the City of Mosier.
Interfluve Rock Creek Proj Presentation
Inter-Fluve Rock Creek Project Design
Inter-Fluve Rock Creek Final Report-Sep 2014

1988 OWRD Mosier
 GW Report #33 - (web)

Informational Letter
USGS Well Zone Map
Ken Lite, OWRD, Mosier
Aquifers & Geology
WCSWCD, Mosier Well Evaluation Plan
GSI Well Evaluation
GSI Well Evaluation
Progress - March 2014
The Mosier Well Evaluation Project has now reached the next phase to identify and repair faulty wells. In fall of 2016, GSI was contracted to identify possible commingling wells and earmark them for repairs. Thanks to the Oregon Legislature and OWRD, the project has been awarded funding to assist the Conservation District's efforts in getting leaking wells fixed. Voluntary participation by local landowners is vital to the success of this project.
Mosier Well Evaluation and Repair Project
GSI 3-Year Review 2015-2016 Presentation
GSI Nov 2016 Presentation
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GSI Nov 2018 Presentation