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A watershed is the area of land that drains into a particular body of water such as a stream, river, lake, or bay.
The watershed includes not only the waterway itself, but also the entire land area that drains to it.

White River Watershed Projects

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Resource Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP)
The White River Watershed was awarded RCPP funding and is the first year that NRCS has awarded funding under RCPP. In Oregon, NRCS is investing $20.8 million over the next five years for six projects. Partnering agencies are providing an additional $23 million, resulting in a combined total investment of $45 million.

The first deadline for eligible landowners within the six project areas to request financial and technical assistance was June 19, 2015. Subsequent application dates may follow based on landowner response. NRCS funding will be used to implement a variety of conservation practices on private lands, including oak restoration, juniper removal, and irrigation efficiency projects.
White River Irrigation Efficiency and Stream Flow Restoration Project
NRCS 5-Year Investment: $1.6 million, Partner 5-Year Investment: $2 million
Location: Wasco County.
Lead partner: Wasco County Soil and Water Conservation District

This project will remove six fish passage barriers to increase fish habitat access. It will also improve irrigation efficiency to save 7,300 acre feet of water annually and restore flows in 21.9 miles of stream. Identified activities will incrase water quality, improve irrigation efficiency, and improve fish habitat in this critical area.

Eligible projects includes Aquatic Organism Passage, Irrigation Pipelines, Irrigation System Sprinkler Upgrades, Irrigation Water Management, Well Water, and Pumping Plants.
About the White River RCPP Project
Collaborating Partners:
Natural Resources Conservation Service
Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board
WyEast Resource Conservation and Development
U.S. Forest Service, Barlow Ranger District
For more information, please contact Josh Thompson, 541-296-6178 Ext 116.
Farmers Conservation Alliance
Trust for Public Lands
Wasco County
Wasco Electric Cooperative
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Other Watersheds
Rock Creek District Improvement Company Ditch Piping Project
The Rock Creek District Improvement Company's Ditch Piping Project is moving along on schedule. This project is located 8 miles west of Wamic Oregon. The problems to be addressed are two fold: the overallocation of water in Threemile Creek, which is the primary diversion for Rock Creek District Improvement Company, and the poor conveyance efficiency of the primary delivery canal below Rock Creek Reservoir. This project aims to address both of these issues by piping 1.76 miles to the main canal know as "A" ditch. This will pipe the water out of the canyon and into the uplands where ditch losses are significantly less.

This was a cooperative project involving:
*Rock Creek District Improvement Company *Wasco County Soil and Water Conservation District *USDA NRCS *Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife *USDA USFS Barlow Ranger District *Oregon Department of Environmental Quality *Wy'East Resource Conservation and Development

Check out the pdf below for a photo-tour highlighting the scope of the project.
Rock Creek District Improvement Company
Round Prairie Irrigation District
Lost and Boulder Irrigation District
Northern Wasco Co. PUD
RCPP - Rock Creek Piping Project Highlights
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