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National Forest Health: Economical Assessment of Restoration on Oregon's Eastside National Forests
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On Jun 1, members of the Forest Collaborative took a tour of an Aspen stand and meadow in the Rocky Burn area. John Dodd lead the discussion and shared particulars concerning this unique aspect of the Rocky Burn project area. Trent Seager, collaborative specialist with Sustainable Northwest and aspen ecologist, was visiting and offered suggestions for aspen restoration in Central Oregon with specifics for the stand and location in the project.

Aspen overview: aspen are clonal species and root-sucker or sprout from their roots in and around the stand. They can sucker out 100-150í from the last aspen tree on the edge of a stand. In general, treating is most effective with conifer removal 150í out from the last aspen tree as it reduces competition for late growing season moisture (Aug-Sept), which is important to aspen. This also reduces shading competition from grand fir and Doug-fir. Aspen are more tolerant of ponderosa pine as pine donít have as much leaf area as fir trees and therefore donít use as much water or intercept as much light.
June 27th Aspen Tour
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Collaborative group visits a meadow and looks at an Aspen stand in the Rocky Burn Project Area.

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