A watershed is the area of land that drains into a particular body of water such as a stream, river, lake, or bay.
The watershed includes not only the waterway itself, but also the entire land area that drains to it.

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GSI Mosier Well Evaluation Project - 3-Year Review - Jul 2016

Mosier WS Council Presentations
The Dalles WS Council Presentations
15Mile WS Council Presentations

DEQ - Derailment Progress Rept - Jun 2016

DEQ - Derailment Progress Rept - Jul 2016

City of Mosier Urban Forestry Plan
Presentation - Jul 2016

Interfluve Tech Memo - Mill Creek Projects - Mar 2012

Mid-Col Steelhead Conservation & Recovery - Nov 2013

ODFW - Native Fish in 3Mile, Mill, & Chenowith Crks - Nov 2013

Creekview Update - P. Halliday - Mar 2016

Mill Creek Trail Update - Feb 2016

Monitoring & Evaluation of Lamprey in 15Mile & Mill Crks - CTWS - May 2016

Mill Crk Side-Channel Planting - May 2016

The watershed councils are often treated to presentations by various organizations and agencies on projects they are working on. This page represents an effort to capture those presentations and make them readily available to all the councils in Wasco County.

OWRD - Aurora Bouchier-Update on Waterlevel Trends in Mosier Creek - April 2017

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2016 PSP Results - Kevin Masterson, DEQ - Kirk Cook, ODA - May 2017

15Mile Subsurfact SFS GSI Presentation - Jun 2017

15Mile and Wasco Co. PSP 2016 Results - Jun 2017

15Mile PSP 2015 Results - June 2016

DEQ - Derailment Progress Rept - Apr 2017

Mosier GW Project Presentation GSI - Jan 2018

15Mile Subsurface SFS GSI Presentation - Sep 2017

Mosier Well Evaluation Proj Presentation GSI - Nov 2016

TDWS E.coli Presentation 2013

TDWS E.coli Presentation 2014