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Traditionally, the District worked one on one with the landowners throughout the county. However, with the assistance of the watershed councils, larger issues impacting the whole of the watershed are more easily identified and projects implemented at the council's behest to address those issues. The District also works closely with NRCS partners on resource issues identified in Conservation Implementation Strategy areas (CIS).

Singular landowners are also encouraged to discuss resource restoration opportunities with District planners. Such as restoring degraded rangeland, off-stream water developments, erosion, wildlife habitat, ag technologies that reduce chemical inputs, weed control, and irrigation efficiency.
While there are many watersheds within Wasco County, they are contained within larger watershed areas. In South County there are the Bakeoven and Buck Hollow Watersheds to the east and the White River Watershed to the west. Central and Northern Wasco County are the Fifteenmile, The Dalles Area, and Mosier. These five watersheds are also served by their own watershed council. Bakeoven and Buck Hollow were merged and are covered by one council.
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WS Councils
Buck Hollow WS
Bakeoven WS
15 Mile WS
Mosier WS
The Dalles Area
Pine Hollow Watershed is shared with neighboring Sherman County to the east. Since the majority of the watershed is in Sherman County, their watershed council oversees the watershed. Antelope watershed in the far east of the county isn't served by a council and receives direct assistance from District staff.
Other Watersheds
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Antelope WS
Pine Hollow WS
White River WS
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A Note About Watershed Projects
Links to projects haven't been recreated. In the meantime, visit the Watershed Council website for current project news, or the District newsletter the GROUNDWORK - found on the Directory page.
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