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The City of Mosier is located on the shores of the Columbia River just off Hwy I-84. Timberland and orchards make up its economic base. The people of the Mosier Watershed tend to be made up of rugged and self-sufficient individuals with a strong sense of community.

The Mosier Creek Watershed is located on the east slope and in the eastern foothills of the Cascade Range made up of Rowena Creek, Mosier Creek and Rock Creek drainages. The total drainage area is 49,659 acres, or ~78 square miles.

Rowena Creek is a short, high gradient, stream approximately five-mile long, that flows west and then north from Oregon White oak covered hills into the Columbia River near the community of Rowena (RM 182). This short stream drops approximately 2000 feet in elevation from headwater to mouth. Rowena Creek is bounded on the south by Chenoweth Creek, on the east and north by the Columbia River and on the west by Mosier Creek. Mosier Creek originates in the Mt. Hood National Forest near Gibson Prairie. It flows north out of mixed pine/fir forest through fruit orchards to enter the Columbia River at the town of Mosier (RM 176). The watershed is approximately ten miles long and two to eight miles wide. Elevation change from headwater to mouth is approximately 3300 feet.

Mosier Creek is bounded on the south by Mill Creek, on the east by Chenoweth and Rowena Creeks, on the north by the Columbia River and on the west by Rock Creek and the Hood River sub-basin.

Rock Creek originates in mixed pine/fir forest and flows north to enter the Columbia River at the town of Mosier (RM 176). Rock Creek watershed is a much wetter, more west-side eco-type than the other two watersheds. The watershed is approximately seven miles long and one to two miles wide, and drops approximately 2900 feet from headwater to the mouth. It is bounded on the east by Mosier Creek, on the north by the Columbia River and on the west and south by the Hood River subbasin (ODFW, 2000). These three watersheds taken together comprise the Mosier Watershed Area.
The Mosier Watershed Council was formed in 2000 in response to declining groundwater issues within the community and degrading natural resources. The group is highly active and involved in the community and partner closely with the City of Mosier and the Conservation District to address multiple issues within the community.
photo: TD Orchards 2008
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