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Our Mission: To work cooperatively with others to promote and encourage conservation and wise use of natural resources.
      These award winning publications are the result of a partnership with Oregon State University, Washington State University professors and Extension staff, Wasco Co. SWCD, local USDA NRCS staff, and Oregon Department of Ag staff, to bring practical and useable information on a variety of farming and gardening topics.
      These topics are also available as podcasts.

EC 1650 - Using Irrigation Water Legally
EC 1648 - Building a Flock or Herd
EC 1649 - Providing Habitat for Native Pollinators
EC 1637 Managing Manure
EC 1654 Raising Rabbits for Meat - Managing Animal Health
EC 1655 - Raising Rabbits for Meat - Providing Basic Care
EC 1656 - Raising Rabbits for Meat - Marketing
Ec 1651 - Raising Rabbits for Meat - Getting Started
EC 1647 - Soil Heath Principles
EC 1641 - Attracting Birds of Prey for Rodent Control
EC 1653 - Guide to Growing Cover Crops
EC 1646 - Getting Started with Sheep and Goats
EC 1652 - Getting Started with Sheep and Goats - Nutrition and Feeding
EC 1645 - Got a Stream? Grow Plants
EC 1635 Winter Livestock Care
EC 1634 - Pasture and Livestock Essentials
EC 1642 - Spring Pasture Essentials
EC 1644 - Basic Chicken Coop Design
Living on the Land Publications
Land Management
Animal Husbandry
 Topic links below open to the publication on the OSU website.
EC 1657 - Managing Soil pH
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Wasco County Soil and Water Conservation District (WCSWCD) and its partner, the USDA NRCS prohibit discrimination against employees, partners, and participants for programs, services and employment. WCSWCD and USDA NRCS are Equal Opportunity Employers.
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