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Our Mission: To work cooperatively with others to promote and encourage conservation and wise use of natural resources.
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Overview SIA Eastern Lower Deschutes (pdf)
A Strategic Implementation Area, or “SIA,” is a geographic area of focus selected by the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA), in coordination with local partners, with the intent of providing targeted outreach and assistance for landowners to implement projects that improve water quality in the local watershed, while helping landowners adhere to state regulations.

SIA Selection
Every few years, new SIAs are identified by ODA following discussions with partners, including SWCDs and watershed councils, and a background review of local information and existing water quality data. Areas that would benefit most from the targeted outreach, education, financial and technical assistance provided by local partners and agencies are selected.

Partner agencies and organizations provide tremendous support to SWCDs in the form of technical assistance and financial resources. These partners and agencies include ODA, Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board (OWEB), USDA Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP), Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), watershed councils, and other local entities, all committed to improving water quality for present and future generations.

Developing and implementing your own plan can help reduce pollution of streams, lakes, and ponds; improve surface and groundwater quality; stimulate growth of native vegetation along streams; and help stabilize streambanks. Additionally, your plan may help you improve the production potential of your property; decrease unwanted invasive plants; improve livestock health and vigor; improve pasture quality; decrease muddy areas; and decrease labor time and costs, along with other benefits.
Ag Water Quality Management Program
Strategic Implementation Areas
Oregon Department of Agriculture
What is a Strategic Implementation Area?
SIA Statewide Outreach Flyer (pdf)
Self Assessment Tool (pdf)
Example SIA Outreach Letter (Sherman & Wasco Co.) (pdf)
Lower Deschutes AWQM Executive Summary (pdf)
The following documents go into further detail about how the program is operated, including an example outreach letter used for Sherman and Wasco Counties. These are followed up with a self assessment tool to help landowners to plan and implement their own improvements before they become an issue.
ODA Water Quality on the web (web link)